The Rosen Association are 4 individuals who came together in the Fall of 2009. Their namesake from the android-producing company in the Philip K. dick novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, TRA combine elements of electronic and rock music, creating a unique sound with surprising pop sensibilities. The 4 Rosens - Spencer, Jason, Matt, and Rachel - weave together an auditory braid of warmth, ice, twilight, stardust, space, drones, and dark matter. Witnesses often say, "It's shoegaze you can dance to."



"Is it electronica? Is it goth? Is it indie? Somewhere between the three The Rosen Association provides a poor man’s Nine Inch Nails—although unlike Trent Reznor, this act buries the vocals under a heavy buzzing soundwave formed by the arrangement. Bordering on darkwave, they put forth an interesting (and slightly disconcerting) sound—not nightmarish, but the vampire in your life should dig it."
- Metromix New York

"A team of dedicated scientists and engineers has started making music, and they are calling themselves the Rosen Association, a contagious dark wave inspired pop collaboration, designed to lift you into another realm, let you float on clouds made of synthesizer and settle in the subtle frequencies of an ambient trip hop trance. The alliance of atmosphere, electronica and dream-pop leads one to having selective, but involuntary visions of the outer twilight. Come get whisked away into the ethereal undertones of the Association… because, after all, we are living in someone else’s dreams..."


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2011.07.15 (Chicago, IL) Panchos
2011.07.07 (Chicago, IL) The Whistler
2011.05.26 (Chicago, IL) Darkroom
2011.01.22 (Chicago, IL) Subterranean
2010.08.20 (Chicago, IL) Darkroom
2010.08.13 (Brooklyn, NY) Union Hall
2010.08.12 (New York, NY) Pianos
2010.04.29 (Chicago, IL) Darkroom
2010.02.26 (Chicago, IL) Metro
2010.01.15 (Chicago, IL) Bottom Lounge
2009.10.22 (Chicago, IL) The Mutiny
2009.10.07 (Chicago, IL) Darkroom
2009.09.28 (Chicago, IL) Quenchers Saloon


CONTACT: therosenassociation at gmail dot com